Things to bring When Visiting Singapore

One of the most visited countries in Asia by international tourists in Singapore. The United Nations World Tourism Organization reported that around 12.1 million people visited the small yet progressive island city-state. And it is projected that more tourists are planning to visit the Lion City in the coming years.

Things to bring When Visiting Singapore

The country, in spite of its minuscule size, is rich in history and is a melting pot of different cultures. Truly, it is always worth your time to visit Singapore. However, like other countries or cities in the world, there are some things that you need to have when visiting the Lion City. Aside from the usual items, here are some of the things that you should bring when visiting this modern Asian island city-state.

Outfit to pack

Singapore, having a tropical rainforest climate, is hot and humid. At most, temperatures reach around or over 30 degrees Celsius. It is best to pack light and comfortable clothing. Shirts and shorts made from cotton will be good enough for strolling in the city. For women, skirts and dresses will be fine as long as it makes moving around very easy. A good and comfortable pair of sneakers will also be a great addition to your outfit. Be wary when going into malls since they usually amped up the air-conditioning, thus it will be very cold when you go in. Also, throw in a high-quality deodorant to prevent you from having those unglamorous and smelly armpits.

Despite its hotness and humidity, rain is not uncommon in the country. In fact, you should always be ready for rain at any time of the day. So, make sure to have an umbrella ready or any clothing that can protect you from the rain. Rainy months usually fall between December to March and June to September.

Daypack gear

It is common for travelers to just walk when they visit Singapore since it is just a small country. It is smart to have a backpack with you as you can pack and bring a couple of things with you. Singapore has beautiful scenic views, so don’t forget your camera (though most travelers nowadays don’t need to be reminded of this). A mosquito repellant will be handy in almost every tropical country. Also, do not forget to bring along a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF to protect you from the damaging rays of the sun. An empty bottle of water will be useful as you can refill it with water anytime. This will not only help prevent dehydration but will also make you save some money from buying new bottled water. Tap water in Singapore is considered clean especially that it passes the World Health Organization standards. Lastly, do not forget to bring along some adaptors that are suitable for use in the Lion City. Power plugs with three square prongs or type G plugs are used there.


Money is probably the most essential item that you should bring when you visit Singapore. There are a lot of things do and buy in Singapore. Food in some restaurants is expensive, but most food courts offer cheap meals. Alcoholic beverages, however, can be quite costly. In addition, carrying a large amount of money with you won’t be dangerous as Singapore is one of the safest city and country in the world.

Singapore ought to be a great place to travel, and to make your trip easier and more enjoyable, you should never forget all the things you need. Hence, remember the items mentioned in this article and keep them in mind once you prepare for your trip.

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