The Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) will be making the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal the first ever solar-powered ferry terminal by collaborating with Sunseap Group. The solar firm Sunseap will be helping SCC in making Tanah Merah the first fully solar-powered terminal in the Asia-Pacific region. SCC has recently finalized an energy deal with the solar firm in. Which it will be installation a 650 Kw solar panel on the terminal’s roof. This new solar energy grid will supply a third of the power needs of the terminal. While the rest will come from the grid electricity.

Singapore Cruise Centre To Partner Sunseap Group

SCC launches tender for energy supply

Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) had launched a tender for the energy supply at the terminal about a year ago. Hence, the effort to use cleans energy and reduces the company’s carbon footprints. Consequently, this move will also help SCC in lowering its energy costs in the long run. The exact figures have not revealed but at least a third of the company’s electricity bill will be saved. Additionally, it would reduce the 327 tons of CO2 emissions. The solar panel will be complete and running by June 2017. The cost of set up will be absorbed by the Sunseap Group.

The Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal has massive energy requirements as it is one of the most sought-after departure points for travelers going towards Indonesia. Because of this, the terminal uses 3.4 million kWs of power annually. With the induction of the new solar panel, the terminal will be getting uninterrupted power supply while cutting on their electricity bills significantly. The company is eyeing Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal’s leap to solar energy as an experiment that it may repeat at other places it manages. Currently, it is managing the Harbourfront as well as Pasir Panjang ferry terminal where it may want to reduce its carbon footprint further.

Carbon tax on major emitters

The company has made this decision right on time when the government has imposed a carbon tax on major emitters. Using hybrid solutions offered by Sunseap, the company will be able to move to alternative energy sources more smoothly. In addition, it can improve its solar capacity manifold in the future. The government’s plan to tax major carbon emitters like powerhouses will raise electricity costs. This, in turn, would be making company overheads rise sharply. Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) has made the right decision at the right time by reducing its dependency on traditional sources of energy and going towards the sustainable energy route. This way, the company will be able to offset rising energy costs in the future while cutting on their expenses.

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