Best strategies to make money through Forex Trading (2017 update)

Time-tested strategies to make money through Forex Trading. Know your charts well. This is the advice beginner traders get most frequently, but in reality reading charts correctly is not the most important thing. Being disciplined is. Ask successful traders and they will tell you controlling the mind is harder than mastering chart reading. If you […]

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Singapore hotels to endure drop in revenue (2017 Update)

It seems wilderness experience is not yet over in the economy hotels in Singapore. Hotels are yet to recover from the recession the nation experienced last year and it may take a while before hotels recover from the dwindling economy. Hotels to endure another year of dwindling economy From the analysis, it is predicted that […]

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Singapore Government Needs To Exercise Caution (2017 update)

 Government spending in Singapore has reached dangerous levels. While stimulus by the government is a great measure to fuel the economy when needed. Eventually, it could become a problem for the economy. After all, government spending without revenue growth is not a pleasant economic scenario. The Singaporean government must control its temptation to spend more […]

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Product Return Policies (2017 update)
Product Return Policies

If you’re into a consumer-based business, then product returns are surely the last thing you’d want to come across. But wait, although, it may seem understandable, is it really something for which to set the panic alarms on. Well, let’s digress into it, and try coming up with a new normal.  There are companies who […]

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The year 2016 job market: the worst in ever (2017 Update)
job market

Among all the past years, 2016 was a year that had the worst effect on the job market in Singapore, especially on graduates. This is according to a report published by the ministry of manpower. The report was in agreement with the initial data published earlier in January. Compare to other years, 2016 was not […]

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