What is Moneylender Singapore?

Moneylender Singapore is one of the most reliable and trusted one stop solution by providing the most competitive loan offers among licensed moneylenders. Moneylender Singapore is created as a loan matching system to specifically foundation for the best fair moneylender loan supply to fit your personal demand.

In fact, Moneylender Singapore is a stand alone matching platform. That can providing you best fair loan money lender in Singapore. Besides that, we will examine all your information that you have submitted in application form. After that, come out some of the selection and referring you to the nearest money lender.

Emphasize again Moneylender Singapore is a matching website that operate as a stand alone system to match applicants to licensed money lenders with the most appropriate offers in Singapore. Therefore we are not doing publicity or advertise for any money lender. In addition, we are not a money lender.

Moneylender Singapore will not provide any loan application by the phone or at our site or otherwise. All licensed money lender that we listed that is who had subscribing with our system. In fact, the quotation that provide from this website is not tie up with any money lender. The loan application will finalized with the loan agreement you sign at the office from your option of licensed money lender.

How does Moneylender Singapore function?

Eventually there are a list of licensed moneylender that subscribe with our system. The list that system shows is the best money lender that can provide best service to you in the light of initial information about you that we will distribute to them upon your loan application.

Why Use Moneylender Singapore?

Moneylender Singapore works serious to assure every client with satisfaction.

In fact, every licensed money lender subscribing to our system has been examining carefully.  By interview to make sure the business practices is righteous and the operation is clear and open.

Besides that, we ensure that all of them do not have expensive hidden charges, no absurd interest rates, no threaten debt collectors and no obsession.

More important, Moneylender Singapore does not advertise or stand for any moneylenders also do not offer any loans. Our task is delivering your needs to our subscribers to most appropriate lender. After that, they will provide best solution for you.

How We Conserve Your Demand

In fact, borrowers are freedom to choose any offer that most suitable for your demand. Besides that, all borrowers personal information that had fill in to website application form will be keep us in strict confidentiality until you receive any offer and authorize the issue of your information.

By the way, you are always have right to control of your application. Beside that, you also can reject any offers if you are not comfortable with.

Moneylender Singapore are promise to match the best fit money lender to you within shortest time.

You may fill in the form  to check whether you eligibility for a loan. Visit www.sglicensedmoneylender.sg  to get more information.